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    Software + Services to meet the toughest SLA's
    and the most demanding customers.
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    Preserve your USP, deliver services that suit you
    and your customers - not your software.
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    Mobilise your workforce with pre-integrated smart applications
    for operatives, support staff, managers and stakeholders.

Building Better Services

Selected Interventions helps large enterprises and local governments design, build and operate better services for their customers and users through the implementation of the unique ECHO™ Service Management Framework software. Operating across the globe from our UK base, we work closely with our clients to deliver powerful, highly customised yet cost effective service management solutions to transform their productivity, efficacy and efficiency.

A Revolutionary Approach

In the modern world of outsourced service provision, change is a permanent state and your business needs a management solution that can keep up with rapid business and technological change. Even where you have the ability to control every element of your service methodology, the power to continuously improve, optimise and fine tune your processes and delivery is now a must have. Yet traditional approaches - custom development, off-the-shelf software, integrated hybrids - introduce significant risk in the form of uncontrolled costs, long lead times, poor business fit, lack of focus and loss of USP.

We see the world differently. The product of decades of experience, we have devised a unique software framework that meets these challenges for the modern service provider; that delivers highly customised processes, facilitates the mobilisation of diverse workforces, simplifies data capture in the field, offers a consistent management view, communicates with stakeholders and provides access to the very latest technology to support innovation in service design all the while reducing total operating costs.


ECHO™ is a suite of software applications and services delivered from the cloud to provide you with the framework on which to build class leading services. Comprising browser and integrated mobile application software interfaces along with comprehensive machine-to-machine APIs the suite is designed to meet the needs of workforce, management and stakeholders alike - streamlining data capture and ensuring that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time.

And our model is supported by a suite of professional services to fulfil as much or as little of the transformation as you see fit – from analysis to training, hosting to go-live support and every step in between we have highly qualified and experienced industry experts on hand to assure the desired outcome. And all with fixed cost and delivery.

Your business is different - keep it that way

Our unique approach enables our customers to retain their own identity and methodologies – key differentiators in their own markets - whilst short cutting the traditional risk associated with customised solutions. Indeed, this commitment to our clients individuality means that millions of end users unknowingly interact with ECHO™ managed solutions every single day because, under the covers, some of the world's most successful, innovative and effective enterprises use Selected Interventions and the ECHO™ framework to power class leading services to their clients.

Click here to see how we have transformed service delivery for some of our clients or contact us to experience first hand how we can help you transform yours.

Case Studies

ECHO™ provides a powerful and flexible framework for the delivery of a wide range of field services - from facilities management to waste collection, logistics to quality control inpections. Below are a few examples of the types of project we undertake for our clients. To find out how we can help your organisation click here.

About Us

Selected Interventions is a fast growing UK based software and services company dedicated to the delivery of highly customised and cost effective service management solutions to large enterprises across the globe.

We build and implement technology solutions to improve our clients productivity, efficacy and efficiency and meet some of the toughest contractual SLA's in the world. We are dedicated to maximizing our differentiation and competitiveness, and make significant investments in our people and product research and development to enhance our solution offerings and capabilities and maintain our technological lead. We actively seek the very best talent to acquire and retain the specialised skills we need to be relevant to our clients' changing needs.

Our success is testament to our total commitment to our clients; a commitment that is evident in our attitude to partnership, people and product...


  • Our culture of shared ownership and responsibility means we pay more than lip service to the term 'partner' and turn the traditional client/supplier relationship on its head; through open, transparent relationships and fixed cost deliveries we take ownership and responsibility for your systems transformation projects and their outcomes.


  • Our unique, flexible approach to service design enables us to rapidly build, deploy and iterate unique, innovative and customised processes across your business from integrations to mobile working without the typical cost and time risks inherent in a more traditional approach and preserves your USP.


  • Our people are industry experts with the insights and capabilities to transform the processes of some of the world's leading enterprises, optimising the efficiency and effectiveness of their internal operations and interactions with their customers. We harness the power of technology to drive innovation, deliver cutting-edge solutions and increase productivity.

    We are focused on maximizing our differentiation and competitiveness, and will continue to make significant investments in our people and product research and development to enhance our solution offerings and capabilities and maintain our technological lead. We also invest aggressively in attracting the very best talent to acquire and retain the specialised skills we need to be relevant to our clients' changing needs.


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